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Matthew Jackson found his passion early on in life and has been playing basketball for as long as he can remember. Basketball has not only taught him many valuable lessons in life but has also allowed him to create a life he loves, which is centered around the sport. What started as a young boy with a dream of playing basketball and finding success and purpose alongside it has turned into him dedicating his life to changing the world through basketball. His basketball career has opened numerous doors, allowed him to travel the world, created lifelong friendships, and has given him the opportunity to give back. His goal is to help create the same opportunities for others that he was given and allow them to use their passion for the sport to change their lives, just like his. Thus, Matthew decided to turn his lifelong dream into a reality and in 2022, launched his non-profit – Basketball and a Dream Foundation.


He spent his high school career at Price playing and helped lead the team to a State Championship in 2005. After graduating high school, he went on to continue his education and basketball career at Humboldt State and Skyline College, where he majored in Business. In doing so, he took the fundamentals he learned and found a way to blend his business mentality with a passion for basketball. 


After college, Matthew began his coaching career at Revere Middle School and later Palisades High School. He then went on to broaden his basketball career by joining In The Lab as a coach/trainer and also as a Podcast Host. In the many years since, his relationship with In The Lab has continued to evolve and has led to them partnering with Basketball and a Dream Foundation as their official non-profit organization. In the Spring of 2017, he interned for Wasserman and assisted with pre-NBA draft workouts. Matthew went on to coach and mentor the Palisades High Varsity Basketball team as an assistant coach and helped guide them to a City Championship. His success and relationship with Palisades High inspired him to create a youth basketball program alongside the school in 2019. As the founder and CEO of Pacific Hoops Youth Basketball Program, he coaches teams of kids ranging in age from 12-17. He prides himself on being a mentor and wants to help create the same opportunities for them that has gotten him to where he is today.  

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